Sherborne is a delightful town which resembles a small (but perfect) Cathedral city. The old town is centred on the lovely Abbey, which still contains traces of its Saxon origins. Most of what you see today is medieval, and it is particularly noted for its fan-vaulted roof. The town itself contains a range of shops, cafes and restaurants.

A short distance from the town centre are Sherborne Old Castle and Sherborne Castle. The Old Castle was built in around 1120 as the residence and palace of Henry I’s Chancellor, the Bishop of Salisbury, Roger de Caen. Later it was a redevelopment project for Sir Walter Raleigh, although he ultimately tired of trying to modernise the ancient buildings and instead built what is now Sherborne Castle. This has been upgraded over the years and the views across the lake to the Old Castle are delightful.


From The Old Rectory (A) to Sherborne (B)

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